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London Persona strives to embody the British gentleman. Our initial focus is to provide the finest heritage brands and experiences encapsulating the best of the London Lifestyle & Persona. Delivering directly to consumers across the world, London Persona offers a range of Apparel, footwear, accessories and experiences selected to enhance lifestyle opportunities for our members.


London Persona is a growing brand with limitless scope. The Founders met with a shared vision of how to structure retailing for men in the modern day — and London Persona is the evolving expression of that ideal. With a business model centred on exploring ecommerce in all of its forms, London Persona delivers aspirational products and experiences for the contemporary man. The business is supported in fulfilment by the largest independent logistics provider in Europe.Combining over 50 years of experience working in retail and finance, London Persona is launched as a direct-to-customer shopping experience that will ultimately provide a complete, season-to-season wardrobe & lifestyle for modern men.


London Persona offers more than straight apparel shopping through the opportunities to identify with our clothing and footwear range, so that you receive recommendations for apparel and experiences that complements your style and interests. In addition to browsing by brand or category, our members can relate to one or more of our selected Personas, which cover the spectrum of lifestyles for the modern man. As we develop together, these Personas will evolve, and as our recommendations to you are refined, together we will build trust that will ultimately enable you to enjoy the benefits of British heritage, contemporary fashion and individual identity that combine to define our brand.

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